WALKING IS THE BEST MEDICINE !! Do you go for Morning Walk?

WALKING IS THE BEST MEDICINE !! Do you go for Morning Walk?

Posted on: 12 Dec, 2010 | INT

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                                            Walking in the morning is an enjoying experience








Do you go for a morning walk? Walking in the morning is an enjoyable experience

While the first day I felt pain, I am now enjoying my walking routine and look forward to the early morning so that I can start my day refreshed and full of energy.  I think we should go for a morning walk daily. Morning walks are extremely good for our body as well as our mind. It keeps us active the whole day.




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It is the best exercise for both young and old.It refreshes our mind and improves blood circulation. We become free from our daily tensions.It strengthens (make strong) the immune system of our body which fights diseases, consequently (as a result) our body is able to fight the diseases in a better way.  





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Therefore, even the doctors always recommend that patients have a morning walk regularly. but it is very difficult for some persons to get up early in the morning in the winter season.When we have a habit we can’t miss it. If we miss it for one day, we feel very lazy for the whole day.In small towns people go for a walk in the fields or along the banks of canals. That’s even more exciting.In big cities people can walk on the roads or in the public parks where they can enjoy fresh air. There are birds that chirp cheerily early in the morning on the trees.  





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In the villages people can see farmers plowing the fields or reaping their crops  Certainly such a pleasant sight must be pollution-free the morning people enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature and feel very pleasant in a cool breeze.In the cities so many old men immensely (very much) enjoy a morning walk. Many do light exercise or yoga in the parks.      




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Beautiful flowers of many colours can be seen blooming in the parks or gardens. We can walk barefoot on the grass. It’s considered good for our eyesight.We should never miss a morning walk whether it is hot summer or cold winter.





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A morning walk is more essential for those folks struggling with obesity. If they walk regularly they can reduce their weight. In fact we can live longer and generally a disease-free life if we go for a morning walk regularly. In reality, a morning walk is just like a nutritious (good for improving health) food for our body. I was seriously thinking that we must do this light exercise,     







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There are many ways we could possibly benefit from an exercise as simple as morning walk.  

Take any opportunity to fit walking into the the start of your day  Walking to the subway counts.  Early morning outdoor light keeps our hormones in sync with the circadian rhythm of our body.Walking in the morning is an enjoyable experience




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Walking brings significant health benefits to body and mind. Research shows that regular walking contributes much to your overall health and fitness in important ways:  

Strengthens your heart  

Delays or prevents major diseases or illness  

Reduces blood pressure and the risk of stroke  

Reduces cholesterol  

Strengthens joints and bones  

Helps control weight  

Improves mood and self-esteem  

Contributes to “brain fitness”  

Gives you energy and a good night’s rest  

Relieves stress and worry  

Improves balance and circulation  

Boosts .


If we go for a morning walk our body will be fit and fine.It also makes our mind fresh and even makes our body parts to work in a right way


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Avoid busy roads. You need fresh air with green & clean surroundings. The aim is to relax the mind as well as exercise the body


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 I like to go outside to enjoy the beauty of the rising sun .  …. Enjoy a Good  morning Walk


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How to Go for a Morning Walk or Run?  


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A benefit of walking is obviously keeping you body fit and active 30 minute walk every day can extend you life and keep you life-long physical healthy.




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The oxygen that you get early in the morning also gives you great amount of energy especially to your joints.


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How to Go for a Morning Walk or Run?  


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Morning walking  is never fun but it is rewarding. It promotes good health, good blood pressure, and good for the muscles


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What you enjoy most with your early morning ?


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Thank you all EC members, and waiting for the kind words I truly appreciate them  (Sultan Ahmed)



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