Friendship and Support!

Friendship and Support!

Posted on: 19 May, 2011 | INT

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                                                                Friendship and Support !  





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Do you have friends?  

Everyone’s answer to this simple question is “Yes, of .”

How to Support a Friend Who Has to Make a Difficult Decision?



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   Friend is someone who you like, respect, and trust, and who likes, respects and trusts you.


A good friend or supporter may or may not be your age or the same sex as you; come from the same educational, cultural, or religious background; or share interests that are similar to yours. Friendships also have different depths; some are closer to the heart, some more superficial-but they’re all useful and good.



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    Hug your friend and tell your friend that you are there for him her

    You can hug for as long as it feels needed. It’s a big gesture of support and friendly love.  



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                       True friends are our priceless possessions. They are one of our greatest resources for our happiness. They share our joys and sorrows; they stand by us and comfort us; they help and encourage us, and they support us through all the trials and tribulations. It is friends like these you should keep. Offering advice is another quality of being a good friend.   



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    Do you know  time with friends makes you a healthier person?  Of course, friendship is good for your health.


Good friends are good for your health and friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support.





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     Free yourself from worry, forget stress, love your friends you will learn to recognise the important things in your life. Then you truly will look younger, live longer and love life.  


          Some people use chat groups and other connections on the Internet as a way to make friends and to relieve loneliness. While this can be a good short-term way to connect with others, avoid sharing personal information with people you do not know well or whom you have not met in person.


 Everybody has a personal history of the friendship.



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Friendship is officially defined as the co-operative and supportive behavior between two or more people.

Friendship and forgiveness are two words that go together just like the sun and moon both go with the Earth.

Friendship is sharing moments together.

Friendship is very important in your life.





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A good friend supports us when we are up and when we are down.  They’re happy for us when we are doing well.  And they are there for us when we aren’t.  A good friend is always a friend, no matter what the circumstances are.  If you find a friend who only wants to be there when you’re unhappy but doesn’t want anything to do with you when you’re up, that does not equal a good friend.  


Give & Take



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      A good friend will understand it goes both ways.  Sometimes a person is the giver and sometimes the taker. But it has to be both ways.  You can’t always be one or the other.  A good friend totally gets this and makes sure the friendship is on an even keel.  



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Don’t pressure your friend to make this rough choice.


A friend is someone who gives you good advice when you want and ask for it, assists you in taking action that will help you feel better, and works with you in difficult situations to figure out what to do next .



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A friend is someone who respects your need for confidentiality so you can tell them anything.



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