Some people do not have any of these problems. But they still cannot sleep. Doctors sometimes give drugs to help these kind of sufferers. These can help people to get through difficult times. But they are not usually a permanent answer. If possible, it is best to discover the cause of the problem and to solve it.

Here are some suggestions that can help people to sleep.

Do something quiet and restful before going to bed.

Try not to do anything at the end of the day that involves a lot of thinking.

And try not to argue with anyone!

Try and be as calm as possible before lying down to sleep. When you lie down, let every part of your body rest completely on the bed.


About sultan23c

HELLO ! My name is Sultan, BSc. (Physics Chemistry & Maths) {University of Karachi} .......I live in Pakistan. My native language is Urdu (Hindi). Activism, photography, traveling, eating, engaging, and learning are things that I live for. I need to learn english and I have a dream to improve my English as much as possible. I like to photograph. I have always enjoyed being outdoors for swimming. I love meeting people of different cultures and learning languages. I think that contact with people whose culture and mentality are different from mine will help me to develop new ideas and to grow socially and professionally. I'm an easy going person that works well with everyone. I enjoy being around different types of people and I like to always challenge myself to improve at everything I do. I've always liked being balanced. When I work, I want to work hard. "During my spare time, I like to learn English." Please add me on Skype: ID is (sultan23c) Have a nice day and see you soon!
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